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Four tips for successful rebranding or strategic repositioning

Whether the aim is to rename an organisation, rebrand a corporate identity, strategically reposition a product or restyle a magazine, the success of the project hinges on how quickly and how fully change is embraced. By communicating in a smart way, you can overcome resistance to change and ensure your message is perceived positively.

Like our client, car manufacturer Suzuki, we were confident that the concept of its Happy Life magazine was right. But was that really the case? Cue the satisfaction survey Custometer.

How do you launch a new product? How do you make sure that a network of retail outlets will actively seek to promote a particular item more effectively? A strong activation campaign is one option.

A printed company magazine calls for a specific approach. And we’re more than willing to oblige… For the purpose of restyling its employee magazine, Holcim relied on a partnership between Fast Retail Communication and Bold & pepper.

Efficient briefing

“A good story needs to be shared in such a way your audience is not just listening but actually looking forward to hearing more about it. That’s what drives us to think before we act.” 

Your brainstorming session has generated a whole host of ideas so the next important step is to select the best ones and develop them. This process is called convergence, and there are techniques available that can help you to focus on the task at hand. We’ve picked out three for you: stickers, the COCD box and PNAC. Read all about them below.

Right at the start of a brainstorming session it’s crucial to generate and gather together as many creative ideas as possible. Quantity matters more than quality at this stage. The use of divergent techniques can help draw out some totally wild ideas. Check out these six motivating ways to boost your brainstorm effectiveness!

Solid ideas, an enthusiastic team and tangible results – that’s what you want out of any brainstorming session. But it takes good preparation and strong leadership if the exercise is to be a success. So you need someone who can provide both structure and inspiration. That person is called a facilitator. His or her role is to stimulate the creative process without losing control of the session. 

Brainstorming with your team can unearth all sorts of innovative ideas, but unfortunately not always. There are many different factors involved, not to mention a few pitfalls along the way, such as lack of proper structure. Here is a list of the most common mistakes made during brainstorms, as well as solutions to stimulate creativity. Success guaranteed!

Mergers and acquisitions abound in Belgium. The subsequent changes in policy are of course a huge challenge. But the impact on copy should not be underestimated either. Total Gas & Power recently teamed up with Bold & pepper to define and implement the tone of voice of its customer communications.