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Creativity is about approach rather than resources. Encouraging innovation within your company or organisation is a slow and gradual process. Here are a few tips to help you get the ball rolling.

This article debunks a few myths about content marketing. And we take another look at Grappa magazine. Check it out.

Two powerful online magazines for the European Copper Institute

What do you do if you want to structure a large amount of information? And if you want to address short, incisive messages in an attractive format to target groups of people who are short of time, such as executives and politicians? Those were the questions that the European Copper Institute (ECI) was asking itself.

Not only creation, but strategy and activation too

Can Bold & pepper help me revitalise my publication’s business model? Lingerienet clearly knew what it wanted: better commercial results thanks to a new editorial strategy.

When should you not exclude printed materials from your communication strategy?

You probably know the feeling. You’re relaxing at home with your tablet and all of a sudden you realise the device isn’t as useful as you’d like it to be. You’d rather browse through the pages of a brochure… This is also the view taken by clients of All Ways Cruises.

Why did you choose to become one of our clients? Well, in your own words, it’s because of our quality, expertise, service, flexibility and effectiveness. Because we make sure that your message hits home with your target group, so that you can rest assured you’re in the right hands. 

Decom wins prestigious Pearl Award from The Content Council in New York for KBC lifestyle magazine Grappa

Decom is celebrating in New York after winning a silver Pearl Award for Grappa last night! The lifestyle magazine that Decom produces for KBC’s more affluent clientele can now claim to be one of the world’s best magazines in its niche. Many congratulations to our team of copywriters and graphic designers! Jo Dejonckheere, Communication and Media Strategist at KBC: “Great cooperation on a great magazine with great reader feedback has now culminated in a great award. It’s just great!”

The Grappa team (L to R): Olivier Van der Stede, Bart De Vliegher, Sarah Buyl, Jo Dejonckheere and Rik Uyttebroeck ©CMA

Excitement was palpable at the magnificent Roundhouse in the heart of London: the winners of the International Content Marketing Awards 2015 were about to be announced. ‘This is not just any Thursday!’ cried BBC presenter Claudia Winkleman as she introduced the event last week. Among the audience enjoying this auspicious occasion was the Grappa team.

At Decom, we believe content is a craft. And we believe telling a story is a craft. Discover how we tell a story